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Bespoke Fragrance


Awake to the power of perfume—its ability to transport our minds through time and space, to comfort us, to give meaning. Scent can provide a sense of connection—to each other, to nature, but most of it, to ourselves.


 Wouldn't it be supremely luxurious to spray on a scent as unique as one’s own fingerprint?

From the perfume on Cleopatra’s sails to the eau de cologne Napoleon commissioned in extravagant quantities to the whiffs that drifted through the aromatically kaleidoscopic court of Louis XIV, personalized perfumes and colognes has always been an elite indulgence. 

JIL CROQUET PARFUM offers a unique experience of creating a Bespoke fragrance, tailored by our French perfumer to fit their wearer like an olfactive suit.


To know more about how to have an ultra-exclusive scents designed just for you, contact us!

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