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Why does my fragrance smells differently on another person?

  • Our close range fragrances will keep near to your body and will evolve as you wear it. Your skin is always the final ingredient to a perfume / cologne, which explains why blends smell differently from a person to another. As our fragrances contain a large volume of natural ingredients, they will not linger as long as conventional perfumes / colognes, consider reapplying every few hours or as often as you like, as an olfactory ritual.


Do you use artificial dyes or colors?

  • Colors vary from a blend to another depending on the material used due to natural essential oils, absolutes or extracts which can have dark colors and be very thick. We don't use artificial colors or dyes, and filter our fragrances with unbleached and untreated filters. 

Are your fragrance vegan?

  • Currently, each of our fragrances are vegan, except Library of Alexandria which contains traces of beeswax to bring volume and body to the blend.

How do you manage allergens?

  • FDA regulations doesn't require us to display allergens on our products but at Jil CROQUET Parfum we think it is important for you to know what's in your blends. For that reason, you can find all allergens on the booklet provided with your fragrances. All of our perfumes and colognes contain essential oils, absolutes, balsams and resins which naturally contain allergens. Our scents also contain safe synthetic to reduce possible allergic reaction. If you know you have a sensitive skin or are allergic to some materials, please check our ingredients list.

Do you create your own perfume blends?

  • Yes, all our scents are original and created by our in-house French Perfumer. Our concepts are unique, creative, and artistic, with each scent based on a destination that allows the wearer to travel through their senses. Our French Nose focuses on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients that represent that specific place and evoke emotions through the use of clean raw materials. We do not use pre-blended fragrance oils, ensuring that our blends are truly one-of-a-kind.


Do you make Colognes?

  • The notion that perfume is for women and cologne is for men is misguided. These names simply denote the concentration of the formula. 

    • Parfum 20%

    • Eau de Parfum: 12 - 20%

    • Eau de Toilette: 8 - 12%

    • Eau de Cologne: 3 - 8%

    • Our fragrances are all Eau de Parfum or Parfum  

    • Most of our fragrances are both for men and women 


How is Jil CROQUET Parfum eco-friendly?

  • We care about our environment. That’s why we make ingredient and packaging choices that keep the Earth in mind. Our formulas are cruelty-free and we use safe synthetics and/or accords to replace ingredients coming from endangered species e.g. musk, ambergris or sandalwood. Our bottles are refillable and recyclable and we don't use plastic for shipping or packing.

Who took the amazing pictures on the website?

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