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Check out the interviews, Youtube videos, blog articles, press releases and magazines

that feature JIL CROQUET PARFUM (formerly Scent Strip Perfume) and learn more about us!

All our Homemade Perfumes and Colognes are produced by hand in small batches by our French Perfumer, locally in San Diego, CA!

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artisan fragrance interview

ÇaFleureBon blog article with the amazing Michelyn Camen

Thanks to the dazzling Michelyn Camen from ÇaFleureBon, Jil CROQUET Parfum and its French perfume creator were featured on a blog article, check it out!

ÇaFleureBon has been awarded six Perfumed Plumes for Fragrance Journalism and two Fragrance Foundation awards for Editorial Excellence. ÇaFleureBon is the number one artistic, niche, natural and artisanal perfume destination in the world and among the top five global fragrance website.

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Art & Olfaction Award Nomination

We are so proud to announce that our perfume Great Wall Valley has been nominated for the 8th AO Awards in the Artisan Category. 

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Press Release

homemade perfume award finalist
Conversation with perfume designer about small batch scents

French conversation about perfume

Thanks to the amazing Rachele Deméo, Jil CROQUET Parfum and its French perfume designer were featured on a Youtube video, check it out!
In this 20 minutes conversation in French, you'll learn more about perfumes and colognes, perfume design, composition, creation, raw materials, etc. 

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Interview with Damiana Chiavolini

Damiana is an amazing perfume reviewer and was kind enough to provide her point of view on Scent Strip Perfume creations. It is always so interesting to hear a professional perspective on Niche/Indie work.   

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mini artisan perfume
askmen small batch scents

AskMen Feature

Shoutout to the incredible journalist Jason Nik Arshan at AskMen for featuring Plato's Tale, our amazing cologne! It's an absolute honor to be included alongside other top fragrance brands, and we're beyond grateful for the recognition from such a respected publication. 

Jason's expertise in the fragrance world is truly remarkable, and we're thrilled that he chose to highlight our product. 

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Interview with Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores is a journalist at the SD Voyager Magazine. She is dedicated to local stories and small businesses. She was amazed to discover there was a French Perfume Creator in her beloved city.

"This project is an amazing adventure for me. I am so glad that people love my work, share their impressions and talk to their friends about my brand. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a community where people are curious, eager to try unique scents and ready to support local small businesses."


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homemade perfume interview
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