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Bergamot (Sicily), Lemon (Argentina, California), Rose (Centifolia), Vetiver (Haiti), Cedarwood (Atlas), White Musk (Ambrette)



It is 5.30am in the countryside, open your windows and inhale the fresh morning smell. Morning dew delicately dresses up the rose petals with translucent pearls, birds are waking up, tweeting and welcoming the sun for another beautiful day. Feel the calm and soft breeze on your cheeks, and gaze at the new journey coming forward.



Morning Dew in a bottle

Fresh Morning  has a bare, pure and simplistic composition with a fresh bergamot, lemon and citrus top slowly evolving to a soft, tender, petaly rose heart note. The base of white musk, elegant Haitian vetiver and Atlas Cedarwood gracely lingers and supports the blend all day long. 

This feminine perfume is a casual wear for everyday chill, chic and work. The formula is your best companion for simplicity, authenticity and freshness whatever the season is.



Handmade in sunny San Diego, CA

Bottle : 30ml - 1fl.oz.

Travel Spray : 10ml - 0.34fl.oz.


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average rating is 5 out of 5

Signature scent worthy. I’ve been using this perfume for over a year now and have never had so many people ask me what I’m wearing. Girls at work, men, nurses, receptionists, the mailman, EVERYONE. I’ve had people ask me to search the perfume on their phone so they could take a screenshot and buy it. It’s a very clean, fresh, classy scent. Like an expensive soap. Can be worn all year round and is definitely my signature scent.


Elena F


average rating is 5 out of 5

Amazing!! This is such a pretty scent. Quickly became one of my favorites!




average rating is 5 out of 5

Be careful bc you might get bit if you wear this!
This is my signature scent!!! It’s unisex and I love it. It’s light, but last all day! So many compliments! I once had a lady follow me down isles in the grocery store before stopping me and asking what I was wearing bc I smelled so good

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